What to expect in therapy

In therapy with Dr. Fabiana Franco, you will find a relaxed, warm, compassionate, and open-minded environment, where you can work through your struggles and challenges so that you can enhance your quality of life. We all come with experiences that make us who we are. Past experiences affect our present life in different ways. Understanding how … [Read More...]

Complex trauma and C-PTSD

Complex trauma is a very important concept that needs to be more widely understood and properly addressed. When you hear the word trauma or the phrase Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), you probably think about people who have been in extraordinary situations, such as soldiers returning from battle, 9/11 first responders, or accident survivors. … [Read More...]

Manage anxiety

Do you worry too much? Are unsettling thoughts and constant worrying preventing you from sleeping? Do you find yourself changing your daily routine in order to prevent anxiety from getting hold of you? If you are struggling with stress, getting therapy for anxiety may help you have a better quality of life. … [Read More...]

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